Bay of Investment Opportunities

Continually moving world of financial markets dictates its own rules which makes it hard for private and corporate investors to find the trustworthy long-term partners. Years of experience that RFund possesses aims to resolve this issue by providing its expertise and know-how in financial investments field.

What is RFund?

RFund AIFLNP V.C.I.C. Ltd is an Alternative Investment Fund based in Limassol, Cyprus and regulated by CySEC under the license N. LPAIF118/2014. The Company is built on the professionalism and self-collected decision-making processes of its owners which contribute to the overall performance of the initiatives taken.

Our approach requires high level of knowledge and concentration which usually provide the anticipated results and returns. Investing with RFund, you can stay sure that you partner with the long-term experience that is able to transform your investment decision into the smartest of your life.

Who can invest with RFund?

Professional Investors

Investors officially qualifies as Professionals according to the Annex II of the Cyprus Investment Services And Activities And Regulated Markets Law.

Eligible Investors

Any Natural or Legal Person that qualifies as a Professional or Well-Informed Investor within the meaning of the AIF Law and is a resident in a jurisdiction where the offering of Investment Shares is not restricted.

Your investment with RFund starts from:

Professional Investors:100k USD
Well-informed Investors: 125k EUR in USD equivalent

Our Investment Strategy

RFund aims to invest primarily in a flexibly managed portfolio of publicly traded securities. It implies investing in regulated industries as well as tied economically emerging markets.

Asset portfolio used for investing consists of common stock in common stock, preferred and preference stock, depositary receipts and ETFs that invest in emerging markets securities, exchange traded derivatives such as futures contracts and options, corporate/government bonds and cash.


Cash & Cash




ETF & Other
Mutual Funds

About Us

RFund AIFLNP V.C.I.C. Ltd is managed by its Board of Directors who take responsibility about overall management of the Company including the determination of investment policies and of investment restrictions and powers.

Along with the Board work a number of specialists, including Risk Manager, Anti-Money Laundering Managers, Auditors, etc.

Portfolio Management

Kiryl Kirychenka

Fund Administration

Oneworld Ltd

Risk Management

Anatoly Varkki

External Audit

Priamus Audit Ltd

Internal Audit

Theodoros Theodorou


Address: Cedars Oasis Tower, Leoforos Archiepiskopou Makariou III, 169, office #401, 3027, Limassol, Cyprus

Phone: +35725123231